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As of Apr. 14, 20207

Company Name KURAMOTO CO., LTD.
Stock Code 5216 (JASDAQ)
Outstanding stock 31,582,119 shares
Trading unit 100 shares
Securities Exchange JASDAQ Market of Tokyo Securities Exchange
The month for General Meeting of Shareholders Annual March

Please contact the stock transfer agent for proceeding and inquiry about shares.

The Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking Corporation The requisite proceeding can be taken also at this next head office and branch.
TEL (+81)120-232-711

The Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking Corporation

as of Apr. 14, 2020
Major Shareholders
New century LLP 51.00%
Kuramoto F&F 3.01%
Mitsutoshi Ohta 1.65%
The 77 Bank, Ltd. 1.04%
Monex Boom Securities (H.K.) Limited - Clients' Account 0.91%
Taiji Fukuda 0.56%
Ikusei Yo 0.52%
Nobuhiro Ishii 0.51%
Kenei Shie 0.50%
Masaharu Katagiri 0.44%

as of Dec. 31,2019
Total Shareholders 7,649persons
Shareholders of Trading unit 7,477persons
Outstanding Stocks 16,143,170sheres
Foreign Investors 519,010shares 3.22%
Financial Institutions 435,100shares 2.70%
Securities Companies 215,523shares 1.34%
Business and other corporations 1,247,500shares 7.73%
Individuals and others 13,725,057shares 85.02%

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