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Polishing Process to make the surface flat
The glass substrates for LCD are the basic components of LCD panels and the quality influences the production yield of the panels, performances and the latter processes of the panel production. KURAMOTO's "Polishing technology" enjoy a high reputation of customers.


[Polishing of Glass Substrate]


This is the process to polish glass substrate to make the surface flat. The gap between two glass substrates is called as "Cell Gap" where liquid crystal substance is filled in is only a few micrometers. The picture elements for display will be in fail if there are any tiny defects (such as scratch, contamination, roughness, and/or foreign particles in the cell gap. It is indispensable to have polishing process to make millions of picture elements on the glass substrates at one time.

Though at present there is glass for LCD that does not require polishing in addition to the glass that needs to be polished, we are in the understanding that our polishing technology will surely wield its power for high performance liquid crystal panels such as high resolution, enlarged, animation, low-temperature p-Si and/or CGS Liquid Crystal Panels.

The Polishing Technology for large size glass substrates is our core technology crystallized through years of polishing experiences that have no equal.

The polishing, of course, is made by our automatic polishing machined developed by ourselves.


[Special Surface Treatment of CF]


A flatness and perfect non-defect are also required for the delicate surface of color filter made of resin. The Special Surface Treatment is the process that removes foreign particles without changing surface physical properties and makes RGB (Red, Green and Blue) flat.

[Process to thinner the panel]

This is the process to thinner the thickness of LCD Panel. The process makes it possible to make LCD Panel thin and lighten for mobile applications that require lightness for easy transportation without modification of conventional panel production line.


Surface Flatness Less than 30nm (Measurement Length 20mm)
Surface Roughness Customers' Specifications
Polishing Droop Customers' Specifications

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