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The glass substrates for LCD are the basic components of LCD panels and the quality influences the production yield of the panels, performances and the latter processes of the panel production. KURAMOTO's Glass Substrates for LCD enjoy a high reputation of customers in the industries as a reliable KURAMOTO Brand Name.
Glass Substrate for LCD

Color Filter Substrate

Other Glass Substrate
(for EL / for PDP / for Photo Mask)
♦ Cutting
♦ Color Cutting of CF
♦ Cutting
♦ Corner Cut
♦ Beveling


Color Filter (CF) is one of the indispensable components for the color display panel. Due to the necessity for the display of animation mode, non-defect and very flat surface are required for the surface of CF. KURAMOTO's Special Surface Treatment for the surface of CF makes it possible to remove particles and contaminations and to realize flatness in need. The treatment improves production yield of CF and higher the display performance.
Glass Substrate for LCD

Color Filter Substrate

♦ Polishing
♦ Special Surface Treatment of CF
♦ Process to thinner the panel


There are various kind of thin films used in FPD. ITO (Indium Tin Oxide) film for transparent electrode and Metal film for black matrix (shading part) of color filter are the typical examples. Taking full advantage of high production technologies and a total processing capability from glass substrate cutting to the film coating, KURAMOTO has gained high reliance of users for its time of delivery and quality of the products. KURAMOTO pursues Thin Film Coating Technologies and proposes various kinds of Thin Film Products to the market.
Glass Substrate for LCD

ITO Film for Transparent Electrode

Metal Film for Black Matrix of CF
♦ Undercoating
♦ Low-Resistance ITO Film

♦ Super Low-Reflection Metal Film
♦ ITO Film Coating on CF Substrate
♦ New Metal Film
♦ ITO Film for Touch Panel
♦ Metal Film Ag alloy
♦ Flat and Smooth Surface ITO Film for OLED
♦ High-Reflection Metal Film for Electrode
♦ Low-Resistance Metal Film for Electrode
♦ Others


KURAMOTO has proposed "Salvage Processing." It is possible to salvage and reuse the NG glass substrate by "Salvage-Polishing" and/or "Re-Cutting."



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