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Processing of Cutting of Glass Substrate for FPD
The glass substrates for LCD are the basic components of LCD panels. It is required a high dimensional accuracy, a super precision of the flatness and a non-defect surface that will not allow scratch and particles on it.
The quality dominates heavily the production yield of the panels. KURAMOTO's Glass Substrates for LCD enjoy a high reputation of panel manufacturers in the world as a reliable products.

[Cutting of Glass Substrate]

Large sheet glass (called as Bulk Glass) is cut into Mother Glass Size for further processing. Automatic Cutting Machines developed by KURAMOTO realize the high quality of glass substrate cut in Mother Glass Size. A high dimensional accuracy and right angle accuracy can be assured.

[Corner Cutting of Glass Substrate]

This is the process to cut and bevel 4 corners.
One of the corners is cut bigger than the other 3 corners as a mark for the latter process. We call it as Orientation Flat.
By making Orientation Flat, it makes it possible to identify glass substrate kind, L-side or W-side, polishing and/or coating surface.
The corner cuts are useful to let the glass substrate handled safely and be free from easy breaks.
KURAMOTO is making corner cut by KURAMOTO developed fully automated corner cutting machines.


[Beveling of Glass Substrate]

This is the process to bevel 4 cut edges of glass substrate.
Under this process sharp and dangerous cut edges that is easy to have chips and/or cracks becomes safer and stronger not to have such defects easily.
KURAMOTO bevels polygon shape or round shape by grinding stones.
It is also possible for KURAMOTO to make mirror polishing of the parts beveled.
The mirror polishing prevents glass substrate from contamination and stronger the parts.
The beveling is done by machines developed by KURAMOTO.

[After Cutting of CF]

This process is to cut edges of color filter for the sizes required to put it into the panel production line.
After edge cuts, corner cuts and beveling are also performed.

[Cutting of Various Glass Substrate]
(for EL / for PDP / for Photo Mask)

KURAMOTO, a professional LCD Glass Substrates processing company, processes various kind of glass substrates as those for EL, PDP, Photo-mask, etc. not to mention those for LCD.
Especially, KURAMOTO is engaged in the processing of the glass substrates for EL used as glass sealed type cap glass since 1989.


Cutting/Corner Cutting/Beveling
The maximum size Capable to process up to 5th Generation size
Common difference of sizes Customers' Specification
Right Angle Accuracy Customers' Specification
Corner Cuts Customers' Specification
Beveling Customers' Specification


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