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Applied Technology

Thin Film Device

Micro Probe Seat

This probe is a contact-type probe used mainly for the inspection of the light of the FPD as well as for the inspection of the image by contacting the electrode with flatness and low pressure.

[ Characteristics ]
  • Using the glass substrate
  • Easy to align the probe
  • Possible to measure without influence of the temperature and humidity changes
  • The height of the bump on the contacting part is also equal
  • Can be managed at 8μm pitch

  • Materials Au etc.
    Substrate Material / Thickness Glass / t = 0.5mm
    Smallest Pitch 8μm

    Micro Humidity Sensor
    Micro Humidity Sensor is used for micro-machining technology. You can use the Micro Heater as temperature and humidity sensor, flux sensor, and gas sensor.

    It's adapted as sensor of flux meter at TOKYO KEISO CO., LTD.

    [ Characteristic ]
    Size of Chip : 2.5mm X 2.5mm
    Response : less than 50msec
    Range of detection (temperature) : 0 — 200 cent.
    Range of detection (humidity) : 0 — 100% / RH
    Consumption of electricity : less than 2mW

    [ Uses ]
  • Temperature and Humidity Sensor
  • Flux Sensor
  • Gas Sensor
  • Anemometer

  • [ Used examples ]
  • Flux meter (sponsored by TOKYO KEISO CO., LTD.)
  • Temperature and Humidity meter (sponsored by Ricoh Elemex Corporation)


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